With Spyros Seriatos

A Weekly Podcast for trailblazers.

This will be a podcast about business, life, and success with a twist of Dyslexia. Our guests will be from a diverse background but each one of them will have their own unique story to share that will inspire.

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The Story Behind PrimoDys.

The story behind this podcast started two months ago while I discussed with my mentor my vision of raising awareness towards Dyslexia, i shared with here many ideas of mine, and then when I stopped talking she told me why don’t you start a podcast ? I stopped and thought “Why didn’t I think of it earlier? Doing a podcast will be exactly what I should do” Then when we finished our discussion I thanked her for the idea and said that the next time she will hear from me will be when my first episode will be uploaded.

Latest Episode

Podcast #3: Think out of the box.

Hear all about it in this weeks podcast.

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Meet Your Hosts

Spyros is an enthusiastic person with great leadership skills and an entrepreneurial mentality. He has experience in several aspects of marketing as well as event management and social entrepreneurship. 

Furthermore, he is a great communicator, he is creative, a complex problem-solver, and has great interpersonal skills. He has adopted an empathetic leadership style. 

In his free time, he enjoys watching movies, working out, playing sports and spending time with his friends and family. Aside from marketing and social entrepreneurship he is really interested in the Real Estate industry.


Spyros Seriatos